BREAKING NEWS: Playmania Becomes Block of Two New Shows Thumbnail

BREAKING NEWS: Playmania Becomes Block of Two New Shows

I like this development: According to a GSN website, the two-hour live interactive game show “Playmania” is becoming a block of two shows, “100 Winners” and “Quiznation”. “100 Winners”, hosted by Mel Peachey, sees contestants who are selected answer an in-show question. If they do, they get to pick one of the 100 safe deposit boxes containing a prize. Mel Peachey’s goal for the show is to open up all 100 safes in the show’s time. “Quiznation”, hosted by Shandi Finnessey, is basically going to be what “Playmania” is now, so no big development there. Here’s the site you can look at.
It’s looking like Jessica York was left out of the picture. Quite frankly, that’s not surprising or a bad thing. I’ve seen her host, and she just isn’t that good at it. She might be a very good television personality on other shows, but on “Playmania”, she just wasn’t that good, in my opinion.

UPDATE: Scheduling information has been announced in a breaking press release. “100 Winners” will air Tuesdays through Thursdays, starting next week, from 12AM to 2AM ET. “quiznation” will air Fridays through Sundays from 12AM to 2AM ET. All three ways to play along (text, internet, and landline).

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21 responses to "BREAKING NEWS: Playmania Becomes Block of Two New Shows"

  • Sam says:

    Wow! This may be interesting! I think that they should keep the name Playmania rather than quiznation.

  • Wheelloon says:

    Well, looks like GSN is jumping on the DoND “choose a box with something inside” bandwagon with 100 winners. This does look rather interesting, however, and I’ll be tuning in to see how it does. I’m not the biggest fan of the current Playmania, but this 100 winners show sounds more my type…

  • Intelligentfan777 says:

    Yes, I think this will do well, and the fact you have to earn your pick at one of the safe deposit boxes makes it a good call/text in and win game.

  • Sam says:

    I totally agree, and the fact that Mel needs to have 100 or more people call in will take away the stalling (hopefully)

  • Mathieu Plante says:

    I’m guessing that Jessica York will probably be the secondary / fill-in host on both shows. I agree she’s not that great, but I like her anyway. I hope the Quiznation set looks as nice as that 100 Winners pic makes that show look. Classy! I’m sad to see the name PlayMania go away, though…

  • captparis1 says:

    Does Mel P. get zonked or have a nasty trick/stunt played on her if alll 100 boxes aren’t opened? Also, will the cash levels increase big time on Shandi’s Show. Also, agree Playmaina name should stay, Shandi’s earned it, she’s better at improv than the Brit twit.

  • marilyn says:

    I like Jessica. I think she is far more real. I adore Mel. Shandi does okay, too, but plays too much for the male audience for me. I think Jessica and Mel treat the women as important, too. This is not supposed to be a sex show. It is a game show. I really appreciate all three hosts’ personalities and their looks. I know when I first started in my career, I was not as good as I was years later. Greatness comes with experience. Give Jessica a break. I hope we see her back. And also, why not some hot guy for us women? Would you turn the channel even if he were a great host? Just wondering… Thanks for giving me an opportunity to express my opinion. Hagd!

  • KP says:

    That pic of Mel there makes her look like one of the Banker’s dark models…

  • glenn says:

    the 100 boxes gimmick seems really cool and avoids the tap dancing and most likely allows for more people to call in live. My issue always was with the selection methods, it was obvious that they were stalling to up the ante (ESPECALLY with those producer polls) and you basically got 30 mins of tap dancing a show…not fun even if the chicks tap dancing were kinda hot ;) …good changes :)

  • Marc Power says:

    I think Jessica just needed some time to improve. My main issues with her were they didn’t use those tacky sound effects near as much with Jessica and she didn’t have a greeting for the callers. ie. If John got through. Mel would probably start by saying “Hello John are you there?” and Shandi would give the friendly “Hi John!” But Jessica would just say “John?”.

    Expanding Playmania into 2 different shows is a great idea becuase is will keep the show fresh and less repetitive.

  • Pierre Kelly says:

    Oh, I get it, so Jessica York should’ve been gone in the first place, but why are these 2 hosting their own shows? Is it because of the promo?

  • King Erroneous says:

    The picture makes it look like she could take on a more Anne Robinson air…

  • Xavier says:

    Well according to Jessica last night she will be off for 2 weeks because of a trip.
    So to me that means she is still going to sub for Mel and Shandi when they can’t make
    it. So Jessica seems to be staying put.

  • Andrew says:

    Jessica is annoying! Thank god they’re getting rid of her (fingers crossed)! And yes, Mel does look like the Banker’s model.

  • CLJ124 says:

    Jessia is what she is. There are better people out there than her, but she might be willing to work for a cheap price. Mel’s energy should be great on that 100 show and Shandi has a great interaction with the callers.

  • Tyler says:

    I loved Jessica. She was my favorite, with Shandi a very close second. But ur right about the simply saying hte name thing “John ?” lol. But shes still by far my favorite. She seems kinda classy, and the other two.. well usually don’t. But i love them all and i hope we get to keep seeing them all in the future months!

  • Lenny says:

    I hope we still see plenty of Jessica. She is nice, hot, and buff.

  • Bill Overly says:

    Shandi is a “natural”–attractive, yes, but her real charm is her little girl humor. Mel is a capable hostess, albeit hard to understand. But don’t undecut Jessica. She makes an attractive hostess who is starting to develop professionally. Playmania was live, relaxing, entertaining,
    and enormous fun!

  • Derrick says:

    Tonight’s the big night…the night when “100 Winners” debuts on the new PlayMania block. Mel sure does look good in the leather jacket. She definitely looks like one of Deal or No Deal’s Banker Babes.

    It’s a wonderful idea that PlayMania is expanding to two shows. That way, the shows will be exciting and will keep viewers and on-air contestants on the edge of their seat.

    I am glad that Mel is hosting “100 Winners” because it is a great show with a wonderful and catchy name.

  • Anon says:

    Born April 6, 2006
    Died February 18, 2007
    Was here for 204 episodes

    R.I.P., PlayMania, R.I.P.

  • Sherri says:

    So what do you think of the “new and improved” 100 winners now that it has aired 3 nights?

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